w/ 004 OS+

type: objects
function: furniture
location: aoyama, tokyo
material: aluminum
collaborator: ghost furniture(construction/photo)
date: 2023.6

Low table, hanging bar, and umbrella stand installed in w/ 001 OS.

w/ 001 OSのためのローテーブル、ハンガーラック、傘立ての計画。

The aluminum honeycomb low table has circular plate with cross legs.
The smooth aluminum surface is shining dimly, and its edge has rough thickness.


The smooth aluminum pipe extends out from the CB wall in a wavy shape.
Under the floating pipe, the rough Oya-stone sits next to routh CB wall, waiting for umbrella.


The pieces of objects are connected by their lightness, smoothness, and roughness, creating a place in the space.