w/ 006 TH

type: space
function: residence
location: mizonokuchi, kanagawa
floor: 50m2
collaborator: sherpa woodworks(construction)masafumi tsuji(photo)
date: 2024.3


Interior design for two tea ceremony lovers.
Space is just one room, inside the apartment, divided into 4 spaces.
Tatami space for tea ceremony, a study, and a spacious kitchen is needed.

The existing wall and ceiling were removed, then a T-shaped beam appeared.
A beam-like shelf was added to create a crossed beam as a frame.
A column-like shelf placed in the center of the cross emphasizes the center.

Floor, wall, and ceiling are divided into a uniform square grid, and the crosses created by the joints correspond to the crossed beams.
Each piece of furniture is aligned with the grid joints.

The kitchen and dining table tops, as well as the joints in the walls, are tatami green.
The crosses are the frame of the space, the guide to objects, and the hint to traverse structure, surface and scale.